Letter of the Week for N

Let's talk about the letter N!  There are some fun crafts showcased in this blog and if you want printable lesson plans, the Letter of the Week packet for N is available in my Teacher's store.

Who would have thought that the letter N holds one of the most favorite of preschool crafts that is out there?  And the easiest?  Because every little child is fascinated with their own name.

N is for Name!

As soon as my little ones turned two, this was one of the first little crafts they did.  Here's my daughter working on the first letter of her name at age two.

For smaller fingers, it is better to get larger manipulatives.  Here, she was working with large beads, and I put on lots of glue so it was very easy for her to do this.

As she got older, she worked on her entire name, in capitals.  You can see her brother (just turned five) is practicing his name with lower case letters.

Cheerios are still our go-to item to glue whenever we do this name craft.  Because it is so fun for the kids to snack as they glue.  But you could also use dried beans, rice, dried pasta or beads.

I figured we had better include a Name Craft Activity in our "Letter of the Week for N" packet, but you could easily do this without a special "Name Craft Sheet".

I thought it would be fun to try something smaller with this name craft, so I picked up some little beads at Dollar Tree.  Turns out this was great for my 5 year old who got to try out patterns on his letters.  (Look at that intense concentration!)

Next, we have the old standby for the letter N:  N is for Nest!

The important ingredient needed for this craft is shredded wheat cereal.  All-Bran cereal also, would work great!

We used the shredded wheat shards in the bottom of the bag, but you could simply crunch up a shredded wheat piece to get all the little pieces that make the nest look like it's made up of small sticks.  We spread glue across the nest and my daughter sprinkled the cereal over it.

Then, after the nest had dried, we glued on two pom poms for the bird in the nest.  I had cut out the bird's beak and the egg.  Googly eyes completed it...

 In our letter of the week packet, we also have a Dot to Dot activity that shows birds in a nest.

The shtick (or Story to Bridge understanding) for this letter is that Glimmercat is being chased away from a nest by a Mother Bird who screeches, "N-n-n-nuh-nuh!!!"
Which, of course, is the sound of N.

N is for Night

My son has always liked city sky-lines, so maybe this is where this craft idea came from.    Above,  the craft insert is pictured.  We recommend having a thick piece of cardboard or styrofoam to help poke the thumb-tack through the holes. 

He poked a tiny hole through every gray circle, and when we taped it to a window, the light showed off the skyline.

You could also take the finished product and glue it around a little jar and then put a tealight inside at night-time.  That would make a fun little night-light.

Our last craft for N goes along with our Reading Literacy Worksheet.  We focused on the incredibly beautiful pictures of Jerry Pinkney's Caldecott winning Noah's Ark Picture Book.

Our Reading Literacy worksheet goes along with this book...

I then did a follow up craft that involves a paper plate with my daughter.

After cutting the plate and gluing it together, she painted it brown.  Then we glued in the pieces that come with our Noah's Ark Craft Sheet.  She was very careful and got to place the animals herself.

I think her older brother was a little jealous of her finished product and wished he had volunteered to make one, too.

This Noah's Ark Craft is also available as a stand-alone craft in our Noah's Ark Reading Literacy Activity Packet.

For a lot more N activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter N Matching Game, check out our entire complete Letter of the Week for N activity packet.

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