K is for Koala

For our third day into our letter of the week packet, I decided to focus on our Koala activities.  Once again, koala bears aren't something we run into every day here in Colorado, so we began our day with this short YouTube video:

Who knew that Koalas made such a sound!  Apparently the little guy eventually made it into his tree, so it happily ended well, even if we don't get to see that part.  Anyway, this video gave Little Miss inspiration to get going on her Dot to Dot, so off we went to the table.

This Dot to Dot is a bit more complicated so I asked her to trace the numbers with her finger first.  She needed a little help from Mommy for the higher numbers, but this weekly repetition is really increasing her confidence with these activities!

Then, she finished it off with her pencil.  Now, in our Letter of the Week packet for Letter K we have this very fun Koala craft that uses the child's hand-print to make the little koala's body.  It turns out very cute, but the point is, Little Miss and I have done that one already.

So I decided to just create a new Koala craft this morning, and put it up as a Freebie extra because those are always delightful for everyone.   Here it is: 

Isn't that cute?  You may download it freely here at this link:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Free-Koala-Craft-2398877

I cut this one out for Little Miss so she could get started on it right off the bat.

First, the head attached to the ears.  We recommend putting the ears behind the head.

Then, she attached the head to the body.  Just like that, almost done!

Of course, we need a flower as a finishing touch!

Ahh, so cute!  And the Koala craft isn't bad, either.  :)   Happy Freebies!

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