Letter of the Week for P

It's time for Perfect P!  This Letter of the Week packet is available here.

What stood out to me the most about this letter, while I was prepping the packet was all the amazing foods that begin with the letter P.  Foods children LOVE!  To name a few:  Popcorn, Pineapple, Pizza, Pears, Pretzels, Pumpkin, Pickles, Plums, Pie... I'm getting hungry just thinking about them all.

So, when we designed our letter card for this one, it revolved around popcorn since popcorn pops like the sound of "P!"

 So, we've got to begin our Letter of the Week stuff with some Popcorn!

Ooooo la la!
Okay, confession time:  I was actually trying to make some really cute popcorn ball pumpkins, like these:  because they looked so adorable.

But, this is not a recipe blog, and I didn't have all the ingredients so ours turned out like this:

Well, even if my "Pumpkin Ball" is not quite as cute as the ones pictured in the "Mom On Timeout Blog", at least the kiddo in my picture here is absolutely adorable.   So stick with her recipe or just stick with something easy like plain popcorn.  Whatever the case, make sure you serve your kiddos one of the delicious P foods...cause food is always fun.

Okay, this Polar Bear craft actually turned out SO cute.  Here's what the Craft Sheet looks like:

The instructions on this sheet say to use a Styrofoam cup for the muzzle.  A styrofoam cup is already white and could just be plopped into the middle of the big circle for the polar bear's nose.

But, when I went to do this craft with my daughter (we always test out our crafts), we had run out of Styrofoam cups.  Time to improvise (and come up with additional ideas for others to use, too)!  So, I had a water bottle and I cut off the base of it.  We painted the inside of the cup white.   Then, we glued it to the big circle that we had already cut out.

My daughter colored in the scarf and glued the ears and nose in place.  Next came the liberal coating of cotton balls all over the polar bear's face and ears.

And last came the eyes which we glued right onto the cotton balls.

We also have a polar bear Puzzle page...When it is all put together, it looks like this:

  And here's a great follow up to these polar bear activities:

After our Polar Bear day, we offer activities for Penguins, along with this Penguin Craft:

Penguins are fascinating little creatures and kids love them.  A wonderful story I like to read to my kids is "Tacky the Penguin" by Helen Lester.

Now, we also offer a Peacock feather craft:

A little green and blue paint, a little glitter and one of those blue glass balls that you pick up from Dollar Tree, and we have this really beautiful peacock feather.

The last thing I really wanted to mention here was our Reading Literacy page for P in our packet.  It is such a good one for a Season's unit! 

And even if you don't have the book "Four Puppies", the copyright is expired and we offer a Read Aloud for free download right here on our Teacher Store.  Or, you can watch the story that I read aloud here on YouTube:

For a lot more P activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter O Matching Game, head over to our teacher store.

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