Let's Do Hieroglyphs

This week in our unit on Ancient Egypt, we learned about Cuneiform and Papyrus.

An informational page from our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit

We began with Cuneiform, which is basically writing on clay tablets, practiced by both the people of Sumer and the Ancient Egyptians.  We decided to practice creating cunieform, using playdough. 

I flattened a piece of playdough to about 1/2 inch and then cut it into a rectangle form.  

 A plastic knife worked well for imprinting in the clay.  

We used our Hieroglyph Sheet from our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit to attempt to write hieroglyphs in the clay.  It was a little tricky to get the details. 

My son was unsure at first about his ability to draw the complicated "letters"of the Egyptian alphabet, but he agreed to attempt to write his name and found he could do it, after all.

He was proud of the results!  

If drawing the individual letters still seems a bit intimidating, we also offer stencils of the Egyptian characters in our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit, that look like this:

Our Ancient Egypt Activity Kit is available in our store. 

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What's your favorite activity to help make Egypt come alive?

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