Introducing Ancient Greece with Loukoumades

There is not enough that can be said about how awesome  you make history when you bring it back to being about the basics.  Especially, if they're yummy basics.

I wish I could claim I  scoured the web for this recipe, but actually, it came up rather quickly in my search, and just happened to kick it out of the ballpark.  Loukoumades, an impeccable Greek dessert that made all of us is our house say, "Let's make these again, and regularly!"

Here is the Recipe by Greek Gourmand, Sam Sotiropoulos.  We pretty much followed his recipe to the T, and it turned out fabulous.

My son got to help with some of this recipe, because he recently has been taking a cooking class and is now very interested with what's going on in the kitchen.

This was really a pretty easy recipe to do, but it is not a quick one, because the dough is supposed to rise for awhile.

And I wouldn't recommend letting your kids handle the part involved with hot oil, but maybe that's just me.  

Now, if you're wondering why the pictures above show round little balls and mine up above are rather flat, almost like a puffy little's because the I fried ours in a pan rather than dropping them into a little pot of hot oil.  But they still tasted the same:  fabulous.

Our friend Sam, who wrote the recipe, says these delicious little (almost dough-nuts) were made all the way back during the Olympic Games.  How cool is that!

Whatever the case, if you're looking for something else to do in Story of the World, Chapter Nineteen, this was a fun introduction!  :) 

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