Easy Printable Spring Crafts Bundle

It's that time of year when cute little bunnies and birds nests and other spring things pop up all over Pinterest and Facebook.

Our Printable Rabbit craft requires a toilet paper roll, googly eyes and a cotton ball as additional materials.

I love the creativity on all those craft idea boards and if I can ONLY remember to NOT to throw away the lids of my kids' applesauce squeeze packs, I will be ready for that next dragonfly craft attempt!

Our bird's nest craft requires googly eyes, shredded wheat and pom poms as extra materials.

Or, wait.  I never remember to keep those things!  Aaargh.  Maybe I won't be ready.  That was the dilemma I was trying to fix by creating this huge printable craft packet for my own kiddos.

  I wanted crafts that were print and go.  As much as possible, anyway.

Finally, I started even making printable eyes to cut out the need for googly eyes.

I mean, as you can see from the photos, there are still some extra materials required on some crafts.  But most of the items I am using are things that moms with kids do have stashed away somewhere in their crafts supplies, and teachers definitely keep these things in stock.

The only thing this chick craft needed was an empty eggshell.  Kids have SO MUCH FUN crushing the shells!
But all in all, the idea behind this craft packet was to take the prep time down.  For instance, let's take a look at one of these craft pages.

Our Koi Kite Craft
This is our Koi Fish Kite Craft.  It is showcased with my daughter in the photo heading this post.  We include the already colored version and a black and white colorable page in our Printable Craft packet.  As you can see, we have a list on the page that details additional materials needed.  Personally, I don't think the ribbons on the back end of the kite are needed, but they do add a lot to the fun.  And there are many items that could be used for the same purpose:  I mention a plastic orange tablecloth (like the kind Walmart or Dollar Tree sell) because I am envisioning a teacher in a classroom trying to create crafts for as little extra pocket money as possible.  But you could also use curly ribbon, yarn, string, or various flexible plastic recyclables.

There is also an instruction list on each craft page, detailing basic directions.

Our dandelion craft requires more:  a styrofoam ball and Q-tips.
 I use Q-tips a lot.  Usually, a Q-tip is my go-to paintbrush for small children.  A Q-tip is easy for them to control, can be thrown away after being used, without requiring washing up and is really, really cheap.

Owl Craft from a toilet paper tube, glue and printable owl pieces.

I also use a lot of toilet paper tubes.  Again, nice to recycle these, and you can stockpile them easily.

Our Quail Craft is entirely printable: made from one sheet of paper plus glue.
I also include a couple of entirely printable crafts.  These usually require a bit of fancy cutting on the part of your students, but a little hand eye coordination like that is rarely amiss.

Snake Craft: requiring tape and cutting only.  Or, you could print out the version that kids color themselves.
The snake craft I picture here, was a big favorite with my kids because it wraps around their finger when complete.  Most children love to act things out with their creations...and just think about the possibilities with the book "Mouse Count"!  Don't worry, we have a Mouse Craft, too.

My daughter kept her little paper mouse around for days.
I created these crafts to include in our Letter of the Week program, but finally bundled them together (just 52 of them, two for each letter) into a complete packet for teachers looking for some cute little throw-together activity that ties in with a unit on spring or...something else being studied that week.

Aaarrgh!  This underground ant craft was made for small, withered raisins, not plump juicy ones!
A couple of crafts utilize photos of the child creating the craft.  But remember, you can always have children draw themselves, if photos aren't readily available.   

If you'd like to check out this packet in more detail or you are just ready to purchase right now, it is available as a downloadable Arts and Crafts Packet in our store.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


LearningWithMrsKirk said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas! I love all of the crafts, but the owls made from tp tubes are my favorite! SO much fun@

Christina Morrison said...

I love the toilet paper tube owls, too! They are SO fun and easy to do, and once completed, they are the perfect size for little hands! Thank you for the comment!