Introducing the Myth of the Golden Apple

I'm excited to introduce the newest item in our store, yet another Paper People packet!  I'm so glad I was able to finish this one because I'd been waiting to introduce the Greek myth of the Golden Apple to my own kids, until I had completed it.

We had reached Chapter 23 in Story of the World, and that meant a rough introduction to the Greek Gods.  They are a complicated crew for the best of us.  So, when explaining them to kids, visuals are helpful.  I printed them out and began reading the story.

Now, I included paper dolls (we prefer calling them Paper People) for the main characters in the story.  So, this means that Zeus, the three goddesses, Eris, Paris, and Helen are all represented.  Here's what is included:

We also include a retelling of the Golden Apple myth.  I made Paris and Helen smaller in form than the Greek gods, to differentiate. 

My son listened intently to the story as I read it, and he manipulated his paper characters around to assist in the telling.  But at looked at me with disgust when he heard the choice of Paris. 

"He chose her?  Why would he do that?  He should have chosen Hera and then he could have been king of the whole world!  Or, if he chose Athena, he could have won every battle.  Then, he could have married whoever he liked!" 

Spoken like a kid with good sense.  I always thought Paris was a bit of a ding dong myself.  That's probably why I designed his character with an almost goofy grin. 

If you'd like to check out this excellent visual for sharing the ancient Greek myth, head over to our store at Glimmercat Education for more details. 

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