Mastering the "Say it Fast" Reading Strategy from "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" in Your Homeschool Curriculum

Reading is an essential skill, and learning to read at a young age can open the world to a child. One reading strategy that has been proven successful time and again is the "say it fast" technique, as outlined in the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". For homeschooling parents, implementing this method can be a game changer. Today, we're going to walk through the steps involved in applying this strategy, along with modifications, accommodations, and practical examples to help your child grasp the joy of reading.

What is the "Say it Fast" Strategy?

The "say it fast" reading strategy involves breaking down words into their phonetic components, allowing children to understand the sounds that make up words. The child will then say these sounds slowly and finally put them together quickly to form the word. It's a method that respects the pace of each child and gradually builds up their reading confidence.

The steps are straightforward:

  1. The teacher introduces a new word, breaking it into phonetic components.
  2. The child listens to the word parts and repeats them, first slowly and then fast.
  3. The process is repeated with different words until the child feels comfortable with the concept.

For instance, if the word is "motorboat", the teacher would say: "Motor (pause) boat (pause). Say it fast. Motorboat." The child would then repeat the process, breaking the word down into its components, saying them slowly, and then quickly to form the complete word.

Implementing "Say it Fast" in Your Homeschool Reading Sessions

Step 1: Introduce the Concept

To start, explain to your child that they will be playing a fun game called "say it fast". Let them know that this game will help them become better readers. For younger children or those with special needs, using visuals such as phonetic sound cards or a whiteboard to write the words can be very beneficial.

For instance, you can write the word "motorboat" and then draw a line to separate it into "motor" and "boat". This visual representation can help the child understand that words are made up of smaller sounds.

Step 2: Demonstrate the Strategy

Next, demonstrate the strategy by selecting a word and breaking it down. Remember, your child is learning, so it's important to speak clearly and slowly at this stage. As you say the word slowly, touch or point to each syllable (in case you're using phonetic sound cards or the whiteboard).

For example, with the word "motorboat", you would say "motor" (pause) "boat" (pause), pointing to each part as you say it.

Step 3: Practice Saying the Word Fast

After you've said the word slowly, it's time to say it fast. This helps children understand that when the sounds are put together quickly, they form a word.

Continuing with the example, you would now say, "motorboat", saying it quickly and without pausing.

Step 4: Encourage Your Child to Repeat the Process

Now, it's your child's turn. Encourage them to say the word parts slowly and then say them fast. Provide positive reinforcement as they complete each step, and be patient if they make mistakes. The goal is to make this a fun and low-stress activity.

Step 5: Repeat with Different Words

Once your child has grasped the concept with the initial word, introduce new words. Repeat the process with these new words. This repetition and practice is crucial to help the child fully understand and absorb the strategy.

The "Say it Fast" Reading Strategy

The "say it fast" reading strategy from "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" can be a powerful tool for homeschooling parents. By breaking down words into sounds and encouraging your child to say these sounds slowly and then quickly, you're gradually improving their phonetic understanding and reading abilities. Remember to be patient, consistent, and make the learning process fun. It might take some time and practice, but the confidence your child will find in reading will make it all worthwhile. Happy homeschooling!

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