Letter of the Week for Y

Our Letter of the Week packet for Y is up and running.  No yawns here...well, actually, we did add a Yawn craft, just for fun.

We set up our lesson plans for this Letter of the Week packet to focus on something that starts with Y for every Day.  So, for instance, the first day we focus on Yaks.

As you can see, we have a fun little Yak printable craft and a Yak dot to dot.  On another day, we focus on "Yarn".  Children can put together this little puzzle:

And, they can also Glue some Yarn along our Yarn Craft, as displayed by the red color...

Now, I love to add in other ideas that you could do here on this blog, and here is one that was a lot of fun, even though it is a very hands-on craft that is not something you can print out.  But first, the song intro to this idea:

Yeah, we cheated a little bit by calling a "Yellow Submarine" a craft for "Y".  But why not?  The song was originally intended as a nonsense song for children, according to Sir Paul McCartney, and it is still as catchy to little ones today as it was to adults back in the 70's.

Here's what we did to make ours:

That's a toilet paper tube, two holders from an egg carton, and a yellow straw.

The little gold thingys are beads I had on hand that looked like they would make good portholes.  (You could also use little white O stickers, or maybe even stick a photo of your child on the submarine, to make it look like he or she is looking out the window.) 

We gathered a large piece of yellow vinyl (from a plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Store) around the whole she-bang.  Cinched it up with a little clear rubber band, right around the straw.

Then, we took another holder from an egg carton that has a hole already created in the top, slid it over our straw, and hot-glued it into place.  I also hot-glued on the little brassy circles.

Then, to ensure it was really yellow, I had the kids finish off the top piece with yellow.  Make sure and sing "We all Live in a Yellow Submarine" while you do this craft.  That's definitely a prerequisite.

For our Reading Literacy Activity, we chose this book:

This little book is all about a child who has a "Yes Day!" with his parents where every answer to every question is "Yes!"  Such a fun story, and here is our Reading Literacy Activity that goes along with it:

And to follow up, we did another Yes craft.  You could use items like plastic beads or dried beans and rice for this craft, but we decided to use edibles that don't need to be glued down.

 But "Yes!" they DO get to be eaten up upon completion of the craft.

It's one of those simple, low prep, low mess kind of crafts where everyone is happy with the result at the end.  Especially the kids.

This was definitely a favorite.  Only trick is making sure they don't eat everything up before they fill in their letters.  But then, if they do, does anyone really mind all that much?

The final craft we came up with was a new one.  Y is for Yawn.

For making a Yawn, you have to create a character to do the yawning, so this picture is of a charming young man with squinting eyes so that when his mouth opens (as children pull down on the tab), it completes the look of an actual yawn.

The craft has a color code, where children choose a color for the skin and then fill in every shape with a triangle the color they chose.  We talked a bit about varying skin colors and what might be realistic, but if you wanted, I'm sure your child would happily create a purple skinned boy with orange hair.  Keeping the skin a consistent color, however, does help with the perception of the yawn. 

But the one thing that MUST be added, no matter what, is the Yawn sound effect.  This is where you get laughs and giggles and many yawn sound effects will be tried out and enjoyed by all.

For a lot more Y activities, printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter Y Matching Game, head over to our teacher store.

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Joan said...

I was searching for Y activities for my girl and saw this. Absolutely LOVE the yellow submarine and yawn craft!!

Christina Morrison said...

Thanks, Joan. :) Yeah, that yellow submarine was a big hit in our household, too and my daughter kept her yawning kiddo for quite some time after we'd finished up the craft. :)