The Best Reading Program EVER

Back when I was teaching I had this amazing reading program.  It's called "Teach Your Child How To Read in 100 Easy Lessons", and if you've even started searching around to find a home-schooling reading program you have probably heard of it.  This program is intended to be taught by a parent to their child, all cuddled up on the couch together.  I checked it out and fell in love, so when I had my first classroom, I decided to modify it for teaching to a group.  The only problem is there are not a lot of supplemental worksheets and reading tools out there for this program, so I ended up creating my own.

One of the best ways to do this was to send flash cards home to the parents of my beginning readers so that they could practice their sounds with mom and dad at home.   Back in the day, mine weren't so colorful and pretty.  I revamped them for a refreshed look. 

Another way was to create my own phonics activity worksheets that went along with the beginning sounds, so that my classroom kids would have a chance to interact with the new sounds they were learning in a variety of ways.

Now that I have children of my own, I have gone back and refreshed the very curriculum I used in my classroom for my kids to use.  This sheet above was one of the very first activities that my son and I did together when we started working on his reading together.  (One of the reasons I love this reading program is because it introduces children to very simple words that they can read in the first few lessons).

Practicing writing their sounds is a key component to this program, which uses a non standard style of font as it first teaches sounds to children.  These worksheets I created are great for this practice!

Since my son and I are working on this curriculum these days, it just seemed to make sense to make it available for others to use as well.  So, with my young son testing it out for me, we have put together a phonics printable packet that is now available on the Teacherspayteachers website. 

Here's the link:  Teach Your Child to Read Supplemental Packets.

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