Letter of the Week Packet for C : FREE

I am super excited about this post.  First, there are so many things to be done with the letter C!  And these were SUPER fun.  But also, I am releasing the letter of the week packet for the Letter C FREE HERE

So every paper activity I share about in this post is going to be available as a free download HERE .   So, everything included here:

In each Letter of the Week packet that we offer, there is a schtick revolving around the sound of the letter.  For instance, in introducing the letter C, we display this card:

Our little cat is out in the snow where it is cold (C is for cold).  And since she is cold, she might chatter a bit and say, "C-c-c-c-c", which of course, is the sound for C.  But not to worry, she has a cup of hot cocoa, which should help.  There's a little song included to back up this story.

In every one of our packets, we include four flash cards, two of which can be seen here: 

We offer our flash cards in black and white too, and have a fun matching game:

Our kids love these letter matching games, and we are also getting really good at cutting them out and don't forget:  "Cookies" start with C, too!

Here is our Path of Motion Practice sheet to allow for some writing practice:

 And to keep it lots of fun, we have crafts for the letter C which include cats, crabs, cows, and caterpillars.  Here's the crab hand-print craft, (which was one of my favorites and which I kept framed for months).

Now, you can always do hand-print crabs on plain old construction paper, but I thought the beach scene makes it more fun. Then, there is our craft for Cat:

 A little cutting, a little folding... (the smaller ones will need a bit of help with the folding!), and we have...

...a cute little cat.  That fact that she happens to look much like our character Glimmercat is definitely NOT purely coincidental (wink, wink!).

This little Cow craft is an easy one and we recommend  "Cows that Type" as a fun read-aloud storybook to follow it up.

And speaking of picture books, how about this great literacy activity for the well known "Caps for Sale"?

We include a Reading Literacy lesson in each of our packets.  This week we read "Caps for Sale", which is always a kid favorite.  Above, we have a cut and paste activity that involves stacking the colored caps on Glimmercat's head. 

Another fun activity we included is this maze and sound activity:

I also created lessons for five days, to really take the time to have fun with all these crafts and activities.

Each lesson plan shows the extra materials that might be needed.  They also have objectives, and teaching suggestions clearly laid out.  You certainly don't have to utilize the lesson plans.  These are in here to be a help, not a burden, so if you prefer a more fluid approach, go for it!  It's supposed to be about having fun, after all.

Just for fun, I'm throwing in this idea, another fun Caterpillar craft:

If you have an egg carton, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner and paint, you are good to go on this easy little craft. 

Don't forget, this whole packet is available for free!  You can download it today HERE!
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