Letter of the Week Packet for E

E is for Elephant!  Right?  That's usually the first thing to come to mind, and we definitely have a full day where we showcase elephants in our Letter Packet.  In fact, the lesson plan for E looks like, this:

You could make an elephant from egg cartons, like in this picture below.  Although really cute, they were a challenge.  And I knew a craft this complicated won't work well for a classroom...

So, I created this fun and easy elephant in our curriculum packet, that should work great for having a little elephant "on hand".  Haha.  Well, once they cut it out and stick one finger through for the trunk, that is. 

But my favorite craft in this packet is the Eggshell Craft.   Here's why:  Children love getting tactile.  And they got to smash their eggshells before gluing them onto their little egg.  Which, any kid will tell you, is awesome.

I like to include extra ideas here, so don't forget how fun the old blown out eggshell can be to decorate:

Ahhh, They're so cute!

Using yellow paint and our trusty Q-tips, our kids painted their eggs completely and then let them dry.  I had these little feathers on hand, and the kids glued one feather to the top hole (covering up one blow-hole), and we glued their foamy feet to the bottom, (covering up the other blowhole). 

So when you're done, no holes show, and you have this cute little egg chick:

Super cute, but more for the homeschooling mommy then a teacher with a roomful of kids to manage.

Whatever the Eggshell craft you decide to do, we have a fun puzzle to follow it up with.  And of course, this little chicken is setting on...Eggs!

Here's another little craft I made, in an attempt to come up with something clever for "Envelope".

The cutting was tricky, so small children will need help.  And tape is the sticky element of choice for this one. 

In spite of the extra challenges, this was such a hit with the kiddos.  It's the whole pretend play thing.  They just loved pretending to mail their letters to each other.  They loved dropping their envelopes into the mailboxes.

A few other notes about some of the activities in our letter E packet, which is available on our TeachersPay Teachers store:

The schtick for the letter E had to do with an Elf that our Glimmercat character meets.  The Elf is wearing Earmuffs so he can't hear our little cat friend.  So, he puts his hand behind his ear and says, "Eh?"

And, of course, the Letter E says "Eh", so we have a little fun with this and include a little Elf craft in our packet, as well.

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