Letter of the Week for K

Our Letter of the Week packet for K is filled with karate kicks, koalas, kings and kangaroos!

Our Glimmercat character introduces the letter K with an exciting karate kick!

Every kiddo loves karate.  And one of the best picture books that covers the tale of the Three Little Pigs with a twist, is this one, "The Three Ninja Pigs":

This is a favorite of our own children, and spurred a new interest in martial arts in our family.  We did our best to channel this excitement into the letter K.  

On another day, we focus on kangaroos...

We include a craft and a puzzle for this day, and this little craft was one of our favorites.

I watched a few videos of Kangaroos on You Tube before drawing this fellow.  And I'm pretty pleased with how he (or she, come to think of it!) turned out.

And if you need to prove to children that a Kangaroo baby does indeed fit into a pouch, check out this adorable Joey squeezing himself into that small space:

Since Kangaroos aren't something my kids see everyday here in the states, it really helped to give them context for what a kangaroo is.  Before she saw this, my daughter was calling the craft picture a bunny rabbit.

Now, we created our Reading Literacy page on Don and Audrey Wood's picture book "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub."

Anyone who has read this book likely remembers it because of the incredible artistry of the pictures.  My son, especially, will pour over the images inside, looking at all the details and laughing over them.

 We decided to create our Reading Literacy page as a Sequencing activity:

Learning "Sequence of Events" is an important step, and this book is such a fun to learn it on.   After cutting out the pictures, my daughter used the book to flip through to help her remember what came next in the sequence of events.

 We decided the craft for this day, should probably revolve around a King, as well.  So here's our little King:

He's a little reminiscent of the king that follows the Queen of Hearts around in Alice in Wonderland.  You don't have to add the sword if you don't wish to, but somehow it made him just a bit more than a face and a cup.  Haha!

My last craft was one of those sleeper favorites that really surprised me.

My kids loved this little kite.  It was hanging around our house for weeks afterward.

 And every once in awhile, they'd go outside to swing it around again.

And here's what the craft looks like (from the lesson plan for that day):

We used the black and white version for ours and then colored it with crayons.  I had ribbon and yarn on hand and so we added both for the fishy's tail.  Very fun!

Everything seen here is available for purchase in one Letter K packet

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