Letter of the Week for J

Jumping Jehoshaphat, (as my grandfather used to say) , look at all this stuff we have for Letter J!!

Our Letter of the Week packet for the Letter J has some fun items hanging out inside for your preschool or kindergarten child, to offer them play and education.  Let's start with "J is for Jaguar": 

As we try to offer with most of our packets, this jaguar craft comes in both color or black and white, so that the kids can color their jaguar if they wish.  All you will need is a little egg carton cell to make the jaguar body, and some strong glue (I like Tacky Glue) to put it all together.

For those students who would like to see a fiercer jaguar, look at the dot to dot page in our jaguar lesson plan:

Of course, another often used creature for letter J is the Jellyfish.  The legs and eyes are all ready to be cute out on one of our craft sheets, and then stapled to a plastic baggie or a shower cap:

 Jellyfish are such odd critters and fun to watch in their ocean element, so a short YouTube video like this one, is great for an introduction:

My kids liked watching this jellyfish over and over, and once they'd seen it, prepping a craft that is mostly transparent, like this one is, makes more sense to them:

We also have a couple fun follow-up jellyfish activities.  One is this printable that involves coloring by letter recognition: 

But there are other Jellyfish activities, too.  Like a puzzle to put together which shows a pair of jellyfish when all put together:

Another fun project in our Letter of the Week packet, that I wanted to mention is a very fun activity that goes along with the book, "The Jacket I wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel.

This is a fun little story in the tradition of "The House That Jack Built", where one thing builds on another.  After reading aloud this story to your preschoolers, it would be very fun for them to color this reading literacy page and then cut out the clothing elements and glue them to the child pictured.

And the last craft I want to show you is our "J is for Jet" craft.  This one's in our packet, with easy cut-outs and all that is needed to finish it off is a water bottle, or a slender white foam tube, which is what we used here.

Needless to say, THIS was my son's favorite.  He won't be forgetting "J is for Jet" for quite awhile.

For a lot more J activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter J Matching Game, head over to our teacher store here.

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