E is for Elf on a Shelf


After a prolonged and unpleasant visit with the flu at our house, we are back to our letters of the week!  Little Miss was raring to go with the Letter E and was very interested to hear the story behind the Glimmercat image below that introduces E in our packet.  

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I've decided to break these posts down into our daily work with our letter of the week activities since they get awfully long with five days of activities.  So, here's Day 1:  E is for Elf

In our letter of the week packet for E, the first lesson plan above, explains the story behind this funny little elf in the image.  As with all our vowels, we begin by introducing the short vowel sound, so E makes the sound of "eh" in this entire packet.  (We'll go back and introduce long vowels after the alphabet is complete).

 Next, I printed out the Letter E matching game, and we went over the pictures that begin with the letter E.  Some of these (like Engine and Eggplant) were new for Little Miss, but she has this cutting thing down. 

I have a new ploy for the Letter Matching Game print-outs.  I like to print them out in color, but they are SO easy to see through when we do that.  So I found these neat glitter foam sheets that have adhesive on the back, after you peel off the paper. 

We stuck them to these neat adhesive sheets, and now we have a game that we can keep around for awhile because it will last better than plain paper will.  Woo hoo!  I like this addition!

For our craft, we printed out the Elf paper and here is Little Miss adding her favorite color to this little paper Elf.  We don't actually do the Elf on a Shelf thing in our home, but we do watch the movie, "Elf", so we still have some context for elves.

In fact, if you need a little Elf to sit on a shelf, this paper craft Elf works pretty good.  Just keep in mind that small hands may need some help cutting out around those detailed parts.

  Little Miss decided her elf needed arms and some more pink (everyone needs more pink) so here she is touching him up now that he is taped together.

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