E is for Elephant

"Elephant" is generally the top animal that comes to mind when you think of animals to connect preschool with the letter E.  At least it is for me. 

This Elephant craft is a very simple Elephant paper puppet that once colored and cut out, turns a toddler's hand into a mini elephant.

And, once we have a cute little Elephant puppet it is fun to read an Elephant picture book.  Something like David McKee's "Elmer" is great.

We didn't have Elmer in our book collection, so I pulled out an Eric Carle standby and told Little Miss to keep an eye open for the Elephant in the story. 

That made it VERY exciting for her and she hollered out, "There's my elephant!" when she saw the picture.

In our Letter of the Week packet, we also have this great Elephant dot to dot page:

 Here's Little Miss working on it.  She's getting more independent on these, but I still help her after number 10.

 Teaching Tip:  Preschoolers need lots of gentle repetition.  This method below of using the color sheets in the packet for manipulative work on the letters is a great way to keep this repetition going while changing up the manipulatives to keep the interest high. 

I like to use the Path of Motion Color Sheet for this.  Here, we used little river rocks for the manipulatives.

Now, you could create your own worksheets, using these ideas and such, but...

...all of the crafts and worksheets seen here are available for an easy download in our Letter of the Week packet for E, located here in our store:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-E-1981207

There are over 40 pages of crafts, activities, lesson plans and other preschool and kindergarten tactics for teaching children about the letter E.

Whatever the case, have fun with your little people!  This is such a fun age that they are at!  For our other posts about the letter E, see:

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