F is for Flower

Little Miss loves flowers!  So making little flowers is a perfect way to finish up our last day in the week of F.  But first...

Little Miss and her brother played a Matching Game.  This time, we used all the cards we made for F AND the cards we made for the Letter E, too.  Extra practice and it made our game longer.  (And much to her brother's surprise, Little Miss tied and came awfully close to beating him).

Then, we printed out the Flower Craft from our letter of the week packet for F and...

Little Miss cut out her flowers and positioned them into place.  Then, she chose her pom poms for the middle of her flowers.

She enjoyed this, but she was really looking forward to the Flower Puzzle that she knew I had also printed out.  (She really likes these puzzles!)

I colored the leaves in the pictures green before she cut them out because I had a suspicion that this puzzle might be tough to do and thought coloring the leaves green might make it a little easier for her to figure out.

Then, though we tried to let her do most of it, we all helped put this one together (it was tough!) and then she glued the pieces into place and colored in the flowers.

And that was it!  The Letter F is all complete.  I think we hit some fun crafts in our journey with this letter.

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  All of the printables and crafts seen on these posts are from our Letter of the Week Packet for F, that is available for purchase and download at our Teacher Store.  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-F-1992134

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