F is for Frog!

We began this morning with the Letter F worksheet to give Little Miss some practice writing F's.  I like to start her off with a highlighter when we do this page, because the highlighter is very easy to hold and is somehow more satisfying to watch as you draw with it than a pencil might be.

We also can come back on another day and go over the highlighted F's with a pencil, if we wish, thereby giving this worksheet two uses, (and those of us with printer expenses appreciate this small fact!).

I printed out the black and white version for her because I suspected she'd be ready to color in "her kitty", and sure enough, after she finished off her "F's", she filled in both "Glimmercats", as well.

Next, we began the Frog Craft from our Letter of the Week packet for letter F.  The only additional items you need for this craft is 2/3 of a toilet paper tube and paint.  Googly eyes are optional add-ons, since there are paper eyes in this printable that can be cut out and used for eyes.

Teaching Tip:  For paint, we use Apple Barrel PLAID acrylics.  These are about 50 cents each at Walmart.  If you wish, you could just invest in the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and maybe a white and black.  Then, when you need green, like for the frog above, just mix the colors with your child.  There's no better way to learn that blue and yellow make green, then if they are mixing them together themselves.  Cheaper investment but especially, there's learning involved.

We are waiting for our painted frog pieces to dry, so we cut out the Matching Game that we didn't get to the day before.  Here is what we use for the backing.

I cut the foam into squares (and this time I cut the Matching Game pieces too) and Little Miss pulls off the backing and with a little help, affixes our F word pictures to them.  We won't do the game today, but doing this helps us to review letter F words and we will be prepped for playing the game tomorrow.

After we complete this task, our little painted frog pieces are dry enough to complete the craft.

We decided to try some really BIG googly eyes for this froggy, and I think it makes him look fun.

So does Little Miss!  

We finished up our Letter F fun by reading this old counting rhyme.  I told Little Miss, "Watch for the frogs!" and so she did and she found them when we got to number seven.

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