Bridging Sounds to Letters Through Story

So, I am wrapping up the last few letter packets in our Letter of the Week series with Glimmercat, and as I completed the last of our letter Cards, I decided to put them up as a separate packet for those who just need or want the Glimmercat alphabet put up in their classroom.

Glimmercat cavorts through every Alphabet letter, and her circumstance in the picture helps give children a mnemonic bridge from the letter to the sound.  We include the story for each of these images, as well, so there is no guessing involved...

When teaching children, (or anyone, really) giving them bridges like these to connect the dots makes learning so much easier and fun. 

I hope this fun package can be a great use to those who don't need or want an entire Letter of the Week program, but would like mnemonic tools to help make learning connections just a little easier for your preschool and kindergarten kiddos.  Here's the packet of Letter Cards from A to Z, along with the stories that bridge the sounds in our store:

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