I is for Igloo

Last day of I!  Rather conveniently, we got a big snowstorm this week, so we experimented with igloos in a new way today. 

Possibly, you remember last winter's post when we were studying igloos while my son was in Preschool.  My husband decided we needed to make a real one, so the two of them made this:

You can check that blog out, which shows how they made it (VERY fun photos), here:  http://glimmercat.blogspot.com/2015/01/snow-igloo-fun.html

Also, last year, we worked on an igloo craft.  That one is in our letter I packet and you can read about our adventures with it here:  http://glimmercat.blogspot.com/2015/08/letter-i-activities-for-ages-2-to-4.html

So...after doing all these things, I thought it would be neat on our Igloo day to do something a little different than we'd done before.  So, we got one of Little Mys's dolls.  A small one.  And I grabbed some ice cubes from the freezer...and we went outside with them.

When you're trying to show how an igloo is a kind of ice house, what better way than creating one for her dolly?  I tried using water in a spray bottle to help freeze the ice cubes together.  It worked but it took awhile and I wasn't that patient...

Truth is, it was cold outside in spite of how sunshiney it looks.  The kids and I were getting cold.  But we got this far...when we ran into this problem:  if your ice cubes aren't cold enough to melt together, it makes that last layer of ice cubes really tricky.

I thought, maybe a cardboard ceiling with snow covering it?  But everything fell apart after this, except for the bottom two layers that were sticking together pretty well thanks to the cold, icy wind moving through.  Oh well.  Still a fun intro to igloos.

Now, if you can't do all that (most of us don't have convenient snow-falls the night before Igloo Day), just read aloud Jan Brett's delightful rewrite of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which comes complete with a cozy igloo portrayed in the lovely pictures.  Now, on to our worksheets...

First, we worked on Letter I writing practice.  It is really exciting to see Little Mys beginning to have such beautiful control over her pencil or pen.  She was ready to try the letter I, and I think her favorite was the little letter i, because she had so much fun dotting it.

Here she is, showing off her work.  :)

Next came the What Do You See? Page which is the puzzle.  In spite of their only being 6 puzzle pieces, these can be tricky, so I am always there to help or coach if need be. 

We're still working on gluing just one piece at a time to make sure we don't have to put the puzzle together twice.  But, we did it...

And then we finished it up by adding some nice color.  :)  Mommy wrote in "igloo".

That's all for the letter I!  Join us next for a venture into the Letter J.  For any of the I activities you have seen in these posts, check out our full packet at our store:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-I-2025697

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