J is for Jaguar

I decided to pull all of our Jaguar items today for Little Miss.  She had seen the picture of the little Jaguar when we introduced J (You gotta admit, that little Jaguar picture is adorable), and wanted to see a video of a jaguar.

So, we started the day out with this:

And then, we went over to the table to try out our Jaguar Dot to Dot page:

For the first time, I saw Little Miss tracing the numbers with her finger before she picked up a pencil.  I think she really liked this picture and wanted it to finish off well.  So I helped her finger find the higher numbers, and then, she tackled it herself with a pencil.

That is a happy girl!  Look at her go!

And of course, we had to color him pink once he was all traced around the edges.  (Don't tell the fierce-looking Jaguar, but I think Little Miss was singing "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" while coloring).

Above, is our baby Jaguar, made with the help of a Glimmercat Craft page and one egg carton cell (for the body), turned out adorable.

And Little Miss was very ready to practice her J's on her Path of Motion practice sheet.

She is getting so good at these and has so much fun with them now!  I think she was singing as she tackled the little j's which she loves to dot just like she enjoyed dotting the little i's.

Last but not least, we read Jan Brett's "The Umbrella", which has a beautiful Jaguar in it.

You cannot find more beautiful imagery than picture books written and illustrated by Jan Brett.  Little Miss took her time, looking over the pictures after I read the story.

For each of the printables seen in our post, feel free to download our Letter J packet in our store:


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