K is for King

Day 2 in our Letter of the Week for K and today we are looking at "King" and with that comes one of the most beautifully illustrated children's books, "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub" by Don and Audrey Wood.

We have a very fun sequencing reading literacy activity (in our letter K packet) that goes along with this story, and Little Miss did an amazing job on it, too. 

But first, a little K practice.  She is getting such great pencil control and really zoomed through this one. 

 Also, I am seeing a better awareness/understanding of the fact that there is a big letter K and a little letter k, and she asked me to write them on her hand today.

Now, to the Sequencing activity.  We haven't done anything like this before, so I wanted to take it gently and make it fun for her.  I began by cutting out the pieces she would be gluing in order, and I prepared a strip of paper for her to glue them to. 

Then, I stopped reading the story after I got the the king and the duke playing in the tub.  I asked Little Miss, "Can you find the picture with the boat?"  And of course, she could and did.

Next, we read on...until we came to the Queen and the King eating lunch.  And then I stopped.

Since the picture on the activity sheet shows a chicken, Little Miss is pointing out the chicken in the story as well.  She glues that one down, and we go on.  I stop when the King goes fishing...

And she quickly found the next image and took a little time studying the incredible illustration on this page.  We moved on to the final images and she has this down, now:  and completes it independently.  Yay for a successful first Sequencing experience!

For the King Craft, Little Miss decided to color her little King like King Bidgood, so we kept the book open so she could double-check.

I cut the King out for her, and since I didn't have a paper cup on hand, I made a cone from paper.  We used tape so that Little Miss could affix the King's head and sword arm to his body.

And then, since we are Mr. Roger's Neighborhood watchers over here, she commented that this was King Friday and she needed a Queen Sarah.  Hmm....I'll have to come up with that one another time.  :)

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