A Video Introduction to "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons"

Many thanks to Terri Wheatley for this picture of my hometown.

 It was my first year of teaching and I had been hired by a small district in the mountains of Northern California.  My class would consist of 19 students:  Three Kinder, 2 First grade, 1 second grader, 8 third graders and 5 in the fourth grade.

 (You thought this kind of classroom only existed in history books from the 1800's, right?  I did, too!  Many small rural towns across the country have to consolidate their grades into one classroom.  Another school in my district had Kindergarten through 8th in one class.)  

With one full time Teacher's Aide and a whole lot of advance planning, I had figured out a way for my 2nd through 4th grades to work independently while I focused on reading with the younger children.  But the question was, in a setting like this, what reading program do I use?

Something that would work for a 5 to 1 student teacher ratio, that would pack a big punch in a short amount of time and that would cover abilities that were widely ranging, as one of my 1st graders was special needs.  I knew what I needed:

But this book had been modified by DISTAR for parent and child, in a one on one setting (as almost every homeschooling parent can tell you).

Could I add a few items to make it work for my group of 5?  I could and did!  Let me share a little with you about this amazing reading program, and the packets we offer that work so well with it:

Here is a free sample of some of the worksheets and crafts we offer
Free Printables That Work With 100 Easy Lessons. 

But this is just a sampling.  Our supplementary worksheet packets are filled with crafts, additional reading materials and are available for purchase.  You can buy them in separate packets or purchase the entire bundle here: 

"After Five Through After Fifty Bundle".  

Sometimes, children need a little something extra to turn on the light of excitement inside them. 

These supplements are exactly what is needed to turn that light on!  We hope you enjoy them!

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