Still More Activities for Ancient Egypt & Also Introducing "Whispering Waters"

If you have been following along on our blog, you know that we have already immersed ourselves in quite a bit of Ancient Egyptian discoveries for our Homeschooling adventures in History.

We have already covered such exciting activities in our former blog posts, as:

 The Food Egyptians Ate,

the varied and fascinating Ancient Egyptian Gods,

 the Egyptian Writing System (Hieroglyphs),

the Crops They Grew,

How to Make Papyrus, and even

about Egyptian Clothing Styles.

But, there's always more to discover when you are investigating the past, so we decided to dive into a few more things about Ancient Egypt when we began reading about the Middle and New Kingdoms.

Chapter 13 in "Story of the World", the homeschooling curriculum that we are using this year, discusses Howard Carter and the discovery of King Tut's tomb.  We learn a bit about the fabulous jewelry that the young pharaoh wore.  Even though we already introduced some amazing Egyptian paper "dolls" which showed us the clothing that Egyptians would wear...

Ancient Egypt Paper People and Props is available in our store.

 ...we decided to create a fabulous collar like an Egyptian kid might wear.  This craft is pretty simple:  We simply cut out the center of a paper plate and painted it gold.

Then, we gathered together some craft beads and began designing a pattern.  We looked at Egyptian collar examples before we began gluing the beads to the collar (Use Tacky Glue, not Elmers!)

It turned out beautiful.   Now that was fun, AND since we hadn't done this yet, we also decided to build a pyramid.  

So these were some fun additional activities to add to our Ancient Egypt Repertoire.  But... I get to introduce you to fellow Homeschooler and curriculum creator Belinda, and her "Whispering Waters" TpT store.  I am delighted to have found Belinda because she has a fabulous way of coming up with activities for history that have nothing to do with note-taking and everything to do with some kind of fun.

The product that I want to share with you today is one of Belinda's fabulous history products, her "Ancient History Role Playing Games" Product.  

Using high quality images of historical figures or representative historical paintings, Belinda has created a product that is intended for children to be able to act out History in role-playing games.  How cool is that?  There are over 20 masks in this one product alone, and they span over our entire study of Ancient Civilizations!  We decided to print out the one for King Tut.

Then, we cut around the circle that shows King Tut's death mask.  I taped a wooden craft stick to the back and laminated it.

Perfect for playing with, especially with our cool gold Pharaoh collar to go with it.

Definitely check out Belinda's store, and look over her vast (and growing) supply of exciting history products.  The neat thing about Belinda is that she includes additional ideas for how to use her fun products.  She also includes a reading list for each time period.

We will be talking about another of her fabulous products in our next post also, so don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already.  And we will keep you posted!

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