An Eggshell Chick and Other Fun Spring Crafts

Sometimes you just need an extra craft for the last 15 minutes on a spring afternoon.  And, you need it to be low to no prep.  And you need easily accessible materials.  AND it would be nice if it was pretty much just print and go.

This is the kind of ideal kind of printable crafts we had in mind with our Arts and Crafts packet.

And this blog post is intended to highlight one of our favorites: the Eggshell Chick!

I think one reason this is a favorite craft of children, no matter whether they are 2 years old or 6 years old, is because of the joy of crunching up eggshells.

This is the best part of the whole craft right here!  If you've never crunched an eggshell, you should set aside one after breakfast and let it dry for a day or so.  Wait until that moment when you need a little stress relief.  And then, pull that shell out and crunch away.  Kiddos love this.

Now, once your eggshells are all crunched how you want them (some kids crunch them into tiny, tiny pieces, and some keep a few big pieces handy), you're ready for the gluing.

I recommend actual runny Glue rather than a glue-stick for this part.  But, basically, you cover the egg shell on our printable Craft sheet (which prints out two chicks per page) with Elmer's or Tacky glue.   And then, you have the very nice fine motor practice of adding your shells to the egg.

The finished product looks SO cute!  And what a great craft for Spring!

But I also wanted to mention some of the other springtime crafts included in this packet.

We have a bird nest craft...

A vase of spring flowers...

The always needed Caterpillar craft...

And the very spring themed Dandelion Craft (which is a lot of fun to do, but does require a Styrofoam ball per student).

Check it all out in a little more detail here.  Hopefully, we have done all the work so you don't have to anything much more than print these out and gather the few extra materials required.
Happy Spring, friends!

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