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The friendly cat character often seen in our worksheets and activity pages is Glimmercat, a gifted and talented feline, who loves helping children reach their full potential. 

Glimmercat helps children to learn because young children love familiarity and routine in the midst of newness, and this is exactly what this friendly kitty establishes. This is one of the reasons why I use a friendly animal character to accompany children on their alphabet journey.

Whether you are a classroom teacher or a home-schooling parent, we trust you will love using our materials and we hope they will be a valuable resource. We value feedback, so please feel free to contact us with concerns or questions. 

And if you enjoy any of our products, feel free to look around our TpT store to check out the many other Glimmercat Educational Products we offer. Thanks Again!
"Although I may not be considered "living" in the strictest sense, my existence began to provide a welcoming animal guide and friend for children as they begin and continue their learning journey. The fact that I'm a cat is pure luck on my part"

~ Glimmercat

Hi there,

It’s me, Glimmercat, your fabulous, fluffy guide to making reading a roaring good time for your little kittens! 🐾

Are you ready to turn learning into an adventure? I’ve got some purr-some news that’s going to knock your whiskers off! We’ve created an incredible Phonics Activities Bundle (includes over 600 pages) to go paw-in-paw with the popular
"Teach Your Child to Read in 100
 Easy Lessons" program. 

When my own kittens were using it, I thought,
“Hmm, this needs more pizzazz—more fun, more activities, more crafts.” So, with a little help from my human, we whipped up this bundle just for you!

Imagine your little ones pouncing into our Letter of the Weeks Packets (includes over 1000 pages AND 1000+ positive reviews), where they’ll find a treasure trove of crafts, activities, writing practice (don’t worry, no claws required!), path of motion guides (fancy talk for “how to write the letter”), catchy songs, reading literacy exercises, writing center activities, dot-to-dot challenges, mazes, games, little books, and lesson plans. 

Each packet has over 40 pages of feline-approved fun for each letter, making learning the alphabet a purr-fectly delightful adventure. 

And guess what? I, Glimmercat, will be there every step of the way, helping your little ones discover new letters and sounds.

Here’s a little secret from the cat’s bag: starting with a two-month daily pre-learning of the "Letter of the Week" ("Letter a Day" if your kittens are Kindergarten age) makes a ginormous difference. By the time your kittens dive into the 100 Easy Lessons, their reading skills will be sharper than my claws after a good scratching session, and they’ll enjoy it even more. 

These packets are designed to enhance the DISTAR reading program, packed with extra reading materials and fun crafts. Whether you grab them individually or as a bundle, they’re purrfect for making learning dynamic and engaging.

You’ve got "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons," but you’re craving more. Our supplementary printables offer exactly that—fun crafts, hands-on activities, and worksheets that make learning even more engaging. 

My own kittens have tested these printables, and let me tell you, they’re pawsitively smitten! 

From laminated color worksheets with dry-erase markers to engaging 'Story-time' pages, these materials connect sounds with images and expand vocabulary in a way that’s both educational and entertaining. 

If you adore "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons," you’ll flip your whiskers for our All-in-One Bundle. It’s packed with supplemental worksheets, activities, and crafts to make reading lessons more exciting and enriching.

Join me, Glimmercat, on this whisker-tingling journey of learning to read. 

Choose a bundle below (I recommend getting both!) to get started and let’s turn reading into an adventure that your little kittens will look forward to every single day!

Paws and whiskers,

Glimmercat 🐱

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What Parents and Teachers are saying about Glimmercat Supplementary Worksheet Packets.

Phonics Activities Bundle for Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

"GlimmerCat's packets were a lifesaver! They made the reading lessons so much more enjoyable for my kindergartner. The flashcards are perfect for on-the-go learning!" - A satisfied homeschool mom

"This is so helpful with my small group lessons. I didn't have any worksheets to give them to make sure they were grasping the concepts and this provided everything we needed." — Jasmine D.

"I used this for my kids at home when going through 100 Easy Lessons, and at a co-op where students were going through this book also." — Lana P.

Learn More about this bundle here

Letter of the Week

"WOW! SO many things included in this set. Many ways to help students really learn their letters and sounds." — Athena P.

"So much here to use, along with so many other resources I have, I picked a few activities for each letter to utilize (we did a letter review a day)." — Rachel L.

"So much here to use, along with so many other resources I have, I picked a few activities for each letter to utilize (we did a letter review a day)." -- Liepin to Learning

"I love this resource. I have used it and seen the difference in learning in my students. It is a great resource and very engaging." -- Jipsy S.

"This has been a great addition to my teaching library! My students require extensive repetition and practice to maintain skills learned in class and this has offered yet another way of keeping interest in tasks we need to work on daily. Love it!" -- Pamela M.

Learn More about this bundle here

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