Letter V Activities for Ages 2-4

We have finished off our Letter of the Week for V packet, and with that, we are updating this post for letter V crafts and activities. 

To check this packet our in more detail, see this page in our store:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-V-2226482

To just look over the crafts we did and get ideas, then please, read on, read on. 

Let's begin with our volcano.  In the past, we did one like this:

I still like the idea of using cotton balls for smoke.  And we had dinosaur stickers, and this was a fun use for them, especially with orange glitter .  But now, in our letter V packet, we created a printable Volcano craft to go along with our Volcano day. 

So, here is my son, trying it out.

First, he cut out the two pieces.  After cutting out the orange rectangle, he curled it around a pencil.

Then, he cut down the dotted black lines and rolled it together.

This made a nifty little Lava Explosion.

Which we then tucked into the hole made by gluing our volcano together.

Haha!  Success!  And for context, here's a video of an actual volcanic eruption.  Nothing explains it better than the real thing:

Next, we did a Vase.  This also is a printable from our Letter of the Week for V packet.  It is an easy cut-out page, with orange outlines for children to easily follow.

You can do this version very simply with just scissors and a glue-stick.  Or you can do a variation, using pipe cleaners and half a toilet paper roll.  Here's how we did it: 

First, Caedyn cut out his flowers and the vase.  He took special care on the flowers.  They were tricky.

Then, we used pipe cleaners in place of the stems.  (Give them plenty of time to dry).  We propped up the vase by gluing it to the toilet paper roll and with a twist of the flower stems, they stood up beautifully.

That one looks neat all put together, doesn't it?  Now, vegetables are a great V word because every kid has their own love -hate relationship with vegetables.  In our home, we began by starting with a big construction paper V and cutting out vegetable pictures to glue to it. 

This was fun, and to highlight vegetables, even further, we created a fun Reading Literacy activity to go along with this book:

This is one of the best books on vegetables out there, involving a crafty Hare and a lazy Bear who learns to not let Hare run his life or his vegetable garden by the end of the story. 

This fun Reading Literacy activity gives children the opportunity to compare and contrast the vegetables, while discovering which parts are the edible pieces: the tops, the bottoms, or the middles.

Now, if you get the opportunity in your week with the letter V for some pretend play, I would suggest that gentle Vikings are not a bad play option.

Converting the Cardboard box into a ship was easy.  (Hey, with preschool, all you really need to do is say, "Here's your ship!") and I dug up an old costume Viking Hat.

Along with the Viking theme, if "How To Train Your Dragon" is a little intense, you could show your tots "Lyle the Friendly Viking", which happens to be my favorite 30 minutes of the entire Veggie-tales franchise and includes a great message about "Sharing".

And to finish off, here is our Vulture craft (again from our Letter of the Week V packet)...

Using the other half of that toilet paper tube, Caedyn painted it up.  The craft paper suggests using black or gray, since the body of the vulture is roughly that.  But we didn't have those colors, so I mixed up a kind of orangey red.  Worked great!

After it dried, Caedyn taped on the paper wings, head, tail and feet that we'd cut out earlier.  And there we were, Vulture complete!  Yay!

For a lot more V activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter V Matching Game, head over to our teacher store here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-V-2226482

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