Letter W Activities for Ages 2-4

Well, we have the letter W packet up and available!  Woo hoo!  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-W-2244260

Let's begin with the little whale craft we came up with.  In the past, I used baby food containers and they worked great for little whales.  This was when I had 2 and 4 year olds in my home (plus plenty of baby food containers!)

The kids LOVED their little whales.  And so when it was time to do our W packet, I definitely wanted to include this craft.  But, since not everyone has such easy access to baby food containers, we decided to revamp this one just a tad. 

Here's what we created for the printable.  But rather than a baby food container for the whale body, we decided to use an egg carton cell.

He turned out awfully cute, too.

So, last time we made a walrus, we used a plastic fork.  But toxic fumes being what they are, we decided this needed some revamping too.

So, we made a printable that you could simply add a Popsicle stick for walrus teeth while still using pop poms for those fun walrus cheeks.

So, this is the walrus craft we offer in our craft packet.

Now, last time we did this fun craft to illustrate the Wind.

 This was fun for 2's and 4's.  This sample posted above, was actually one of my 2 year olds.  I helped with the chalk lines showing the blowing wind, but other than that, he did it almost all by himself, and here you can see Mystery is doing a great job at her dandelion also.  (This was when little Mystery was still 2 years old).

   What kid doesn't love to blow dandelion seeds to the four winds?  So, understanding the concept of illustrating wind, when we cannot actually see it, was fun and easier than I thought.  Also, poking Q-tips into Styrofoam is just plain fun for kids to do, because it sounds so destructive.

Although, you may decide to go with green pipe cleaners and leaves...rather than white ones.

One of the new crafts we did this time, was our little Worm.  The beads are really an optional add-on for decorative purposes.

We formed the pipe cleaner into a W shape, because that is just an awesome thing to do.

We discovered a new book, too!  David Pizzoli's "The Watermelon Seed"!

This is such a cute and fun story, and here is the Reading Literacy Activity we created to go along with it:

For a lot more W activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter W Matching Game, head over to our teacher store here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-W-2244260

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