Letter of the Week Packet for G

Goats, and grapes and gardens and gumball machines...what a lot of lovely things there are to do with the letter G.  We focused on the hard sound of G for this group of projects, as you can see, and happily, the season worked out for us too, since we were planning our garden in early spring, at the same time as we began working with this letter.

I'm going to share about many of the activities we did, most of which are available in our Letter of the Week packet for G, right here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-G-1998411

Our little mnemonic for helping the kids remember the G sound, has to do with our Glimmercat character guzzling grape juice with this sound: guh-guh-guh!

She's cute, isn't she?  The whole idea of Grapes as a word to connect with Letter G was wonderful.  Because every kiddo loves grapes.  And they were a perfect fit for our Letter G color sheet which echoes the image above, though in black and white:

In fact, we have all kinds of activities for grapes...look at our lesson plan for the Grape Day:

You can see we have two activities with grapes: one is a puzzle and the other is a little craft.  But first, we started talking a bit about grapes.

We talked about how they grow on grape vines and how they can be trained to grow in what almost looks like a little tree or bush.  And showing pictures of the grape clusters (like this above) helps too.

Then, we glued on our "grapes" (we used purple beads but small purple pom poms would also work great!) to our grape vines.  And then, for a follow up we snacked on grapes!  (Who wouldn't love that!)

What about G is for Goat?

This is a simple "Cut out the shapes and glue to a paper bag" kind of Puppet craft, and would go really well with reading the "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

Now this next one is not included in our packet, but since we were beginning our garden at about the same time as we were covering G, it just seemed great to squeeze it in. We made our Garden labels with small shells we glued on, and the kids helped me color the veggies.

And now for those Gumball Machines!

We have this sheet, above, included in our packet.  It comes colored red or as a black and white copy.

But I also want to show you how to do these, just in case you're able to:

We made these fun little home-made gumball machines using two plastic champagne glasses (one upended on the other) with the stems cut off, plastic shot glass cups and regular sized small red paper cups.

The first thing you need to do is use a lit match to melt off the plastic stems of both of the champagne glasses (beware the toxins!).  Once this is done, the little red cup can be trimmed to fit on top of one, and the two glasses's rims can be glued together (tacky glue works awesome!).

We put in the candy first though.  Ironically, I had no gumballs: just JellyBellys.  I don't think the kids minded too much.

Gumballs are a welcome addition, of course!  For our GumBall Activity, pom poms would work, but we just used crayons.

I have to admit though:  Our physical gumball machine craft was an even bigger hit.  Something to do with the candy included...

Here's the Mini Book for Letter G, all completed:

I created this as an independent activity, for the end of the week.  The four activities echo what has already been taught, and hopefully, children can do most of it on their own.

Check out all the Letter G activities right here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-G-1998411 

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