Letter of the Week Packet for H

Let's talk about the Letter H!  Everything you see in this post is ready for digital printing fun in our Letter of the Week packet for H.

There are crafts, writing practice printables, a puzzle a Letter H Game, and Path of Motion practice.  Whether you are looking for extra curricular H crafts, Reading Literacy, or just fun stuff, this packet has it all.

Okay, the thing I have GOT to share, is the little song we made up for H.  For some reason, it really hit my kid's funny bone.  He sang this and he sang it.  And a year later (He is now six!), he still remembers it by heart. 

So, that's our little mnemonic for helping preschoolers remember that the letter H says "huh!"  And I guess it works.  Haha!

In our teaching packet for the letter of the week- H, we also do a House Craft.  Here is the lesson plan that shows Craft 1 (the House craft).   

The printable fold-up house is also available in black and white.  That way, the kiddos can color their little house whatever color they choose.  In the photo below, my daughter chose purple, because who doesn't love a purple house, right?  Tape is best for securing those edges.

Houses are great, but how many of you grew up with "The Little Red Hen" as a children's book?  

This cut and paste sequencing activity is included in our Letter H packet.  And, as a wonderful follow-up, we have this little Hen Craft:

All YOU need is a folded paper plate (and some red paint if you want to make a RED hen).

But let's talk about the one that my son loved the best!  H is for Helicopter!  

For our Helicopter day, we have a fun matching the letter activity, that looks like this:  

But let me share something we did that doesn't come in our Letter of the Week packet:

Aside from the plastic Easter egg, we used three straws, a pipe cleaner, some push pins and a little strip of cardboard toilet paper tube.  

Here's two of the straws, trimmed for helicopter landing gear.  The strip of toilet paper tube curls naturally, so it worked great as a connector.  We stapled the straws to that strip of tube.  The push pin was used to connect the landing gear to the plastic egg.

But first, the other ends of the straw were connected to the top of the egg with the pushpin.  It was surprisingly easy to push that pin through the egg.  But I may have had cheap plastic eggs.  Harder/ thicker plastic shells would be more challenging for this craft.

We still need the propeller off the back end of our helicopter.

We used another push pin to make a hole through the straw, and then we pushed the pipe cleaner through that hole.

The other end of the pipe cleaner, we worked through another straw and then affixed it on the inside of our plastic eggs...yay for little helicopters!

 Little ones will need more help with this craft and I can't imagine trying this in a large classroom, but...

...because of that, we created an easy paper helicopter in our letter of the week packet.

Following the instructions on this print-out, even younger children can enjoy creating a paper helicopter craft and have the fun of floating it down and watching the propellers go.

The last thing I want to show you is this other fun craft , H is for Horse.

It doesn't look much like a horse here, but once colored, cut out, rolled, folded and glued, with a little yarn added, we have this:

For a lot more H activities, both printables, reading literacy activities, flash cards and a Letter H Matching Game, head over to our teacher store here.

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