E is for Eggs

 So, here we are on "E is for Egg" day.  

We have done a lot of activities with Eggshells, including this fun craft that the kids really enjoyed (and this is included in our Letter of the Week for E packet):

I think the thing that is the most fun for the kids with this craft is the chance to crunch up the eggshells before gluing them to the egg shape on this one. 

But I did this one already with Little Miss awhile back, so I tried to mix it up a bit.  She loves to paint, so she painted some egg shells first...

This was in the morning.  Then, we let the shells alone while they dried.  A few hours later, they were ready for crunching:

 I prepped a big construction paper E for Little Miss, and she took her little eggshell fragments and carefully placed them all over her big E.

Now we come to one of Little Miss's favorite things to do in the Letter of the Week packets:  the What Do You See? page.

She cuts out her puzzle pieces like a pro now.

And then, together we work on figuring out where these pieces fit.  After we've figured them out, she is wielding her glue-stick.

So happy was she with this completed puzzle page, that she insisted on coloring it, too.
Look at that smile!

Every one of the crafts seen here (and in our other days of the week posts) are available here at our Teacher Store:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-E-1981207

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