G is for Grapes

If you remember, earlier in the week, we did this...

...which was awesome.  Because anytime you can intermingle a great experience such as snacking on delicious grapes, with learning, it's bound to stick.

Now, I ran out of grapes by Day 3.  But if I'd had more in the fridge, I would definitely have pulled them out again for a refresher (Cause, what's more refreshing than grapes?), but alas, I did not.  And I did this Grape Craft anyway.  Because it is fun and easy.

You simply print out the G is for Grapes Craft page, and slop some rather large glue globs in a few places.  I didn't have purple beads, but some of the grapes we've been eating lately, have been more red or pink than purple, so we went with that. 

Little Miss put her beads in clusters, like grapes would hang, and was very pleased with her finished project.

To follow up, we printed out the puzzle page from our Letter of the Week packet, here:

I colored the grapes in, to make it a little easier, and Little Miss cut out her pieces.

I helped a little, because her interest was waning.  (I know it would have been more exciting if she had a few grapes to snack on while doing this--Aaargh!)  But, we finished up our G is for Grapes day in flying purple colors.

And then I went and added "Grapes" to my Grocery list!

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And for all our other Letter G activities and crafts, check out our full packet here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-G-1998411