I is for Inchworms

After Christmas, I thought I would break things up a bit for Little Miss by giving her an introduction to shapes.  So we played with shapes and began chatting about patterns, and this was a nice little break from our letters.  Breaks are beautiful things.

Teaching Tip:  Remember, just like you enjoy a good break, your child does too, and can come back refreshed and ready to go. 

But, our break was now over, and we are at the letter I.  Fun surprises lurked here for us, when I chose to reintroduce Little Miss to the Letter of the Week packets by choosing the Glimmercat Path of Motion Color Sheet and our little Inchworm Craft.

First, let's get the story on our I letter card here.  Glimmercat is surprised by this little inchworm in the picture.  And so she jumps in surprise and lets out a short i sound!  That's the I sound in pig.  So, I explained this to Little Miss and then showed her how to write the big I, starting at the top and going down, and then finishing off with the top and bottom.

Then she jumped in with the coloring.  We also practiced saying the short I sound in a surprised sort of way.  Which is very fun for Preschool.

Here's a little serendipity that was quite a treat.  I had picked up YumEarth Organics Gummy Worms the other day as a treat for my kiddos, so I opened them up (figured it was a timely opening to inchworms), and look at these cute little things!

They look more like Inchworms than any other Gummy Worm out there!  Are they not adorable?  Such a great find for teaching about inchworms!  Now, since inchworms are new to Little Miss, we popped onto YouTube and found this little inchworm gem:

 Isn't that a cute one?  I like seeing the different sizes worms and the funny way they seem to feel the air before they continue on their little inching way.   And we munched on our little gummy inchworms while we watched. 

And then, I printed out our Inchworm Craft.  It looks like this:

And Little Miss cut out the pink worm and slid her pipe cleaner through the holes (with a little help).

And then we slid the little guy along the pipe cleaner so that he moved along an awfully lot like the inchworms in that video.  

And that's all for our first day back.  It was an easy entry back into Letter of the Week, and I think Little Miss is pleased to be back in our regular work, too.

For this and many other crafts and activities, we have a Letter of the Week packet for I available in our store. 

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