J is for Jellyfish

Whenever you are starting out the day with a creature that you don't usually see in the middle of Colorado, it's a good idea to show a video of that creature, so your children have a better idea of what it is:

After we watched this, we headed to the table to get started on our Jellyfish activities.

First, we began on the "What Do You See?" Puzzle page.  Little Miss and Mommy colored the puzzle to make those pink jellyfish stand out nicely.

Next, Little Miss cut out the puzzle pieces (she is REALLY getting good at cutting).

And this is a BIG step for us: She put the pieces together on the table, and then I encouraged her to leave them there as she glued them where they belonged on her paper.  A few months ago, this was a challenge, so to watch for these little changes and see it all coming together for her is very exciting.

There's the finished product, all glued together.  Mommy helped her write "Jellyfish" on the line under the picture.

Also, in our Craft packet we offer this fun Jellyfish craft made with the help of a plastic baggie and our craft sheet.  

Obviously, though, Little Miss has done that one before, so today we skipped it and went for the Jellyfish coloring activity:

Next, we moved to our Match the Letters page.  This is a good review for children to keep seeing the big and little letters.  She is getting more familiar with this one but still needs Mommy's help and encouragement.  In fact, I even colored in some of the big spaces while she colored the little ones because this is a big page to color.

There's the finished page and she was pleased with it.  I think the bright colorful colors of the underwater scene made it one of her favorites so far.

We finished out our day with this delightful picture book called, "Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish", written and illustrated by Christopher Routly.  If your kids have ever wondered about the many possible uses of a jellyfish, they will wonder no more after reading this fun story, but they will pour over the pictures in delight!

After reading, my son was grinning from ear to ear and announced, "I want to read that book again!"

You can purchase this book at its own website (also available via pdf version), right here:  http://jellyfishbook.com/

For all the other Jellyfish activities seen on this blog, go to my store and check out our Letter of the Week packet for J:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Letter-of-the-Week-J-2043968


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