J is for Jeep

Here we are at our last day in our week of J.  And this, of course is the day for Jeep.  We began our day with our little Mini Book because there is a nice Jeep activity in there.

Little Miss was very careful with her coloring on this activity.  She used larger markers for the big shapes, like here...

And fine-tipped gel pens for the more detailed parts.  In fact, she was so pleased with her final product on her Mini Book that she told me, "I read my book--to you!"

And here she is, "reading" it.

Teaching Tip:  This lovely "Pretend Reading" that she is doing is an important Reading Milestone for Preschoolers.  When your child offers to "read" to you, let her do it!  These small child-directed steps are incredibly important stepping stones to her learning and growth.

Now, before we moved to the next activity, the Jeep Craft, we read the children's picture book, "Sheep in a Jeep" by Nancy Shaw.  

To review this story (best story including a jeep that I have found!), you can check it out here on a YouTube Read aloud:

 And now we are ready for our final activity, the Jeep craft.  Our Jeep craft is supposed to print out in red, but my printer is low on Magenta, apparently, because ours printed out yellow.  Oh well, yellow works, too! 

I cut out the Jeep pieces for Little Miss because these are pretty tricky.  But she proudly glued them on herself, the tiny shapes (circles and stars) cluing her in as to where the pieces belonged.

It's a little rough, but she is VERY proud of it, so I'm not complaining!  That's the last of our J week!  Let me know how yours went, below in the comments. 

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