K is for Kangaroo

Today was our last day for letter K.  So, of course, we had to make it about the kangaroo.  I think I've shown boxing kangaroos on here before, but they are so much fun, I've got to include another video of them. 

Always try to find a short, engaging video to introduce new animals to children.  Something like the one above.  I don't even usually look for videos that are this long, but it is a very engaging one, what with a baby kangaroo, great camera footage and a nice voice-over.

The Kangaroo Craft we offer in our Letter K packet is actually a rather realistic looking one.  So it's a great follow-up to a video like the one above.  I helped her get started by cutting out the head of the kangaroo myself. 

The skinny rectangle at the bottom of the kangaroo is folded back.  We also use half of a toilet paper tube for this one.  You can see the photo, it has already been glued to the grassy base.

Next, Little Miss takes the baby kangaroo (called a "Joey") and sticks it in the mommy kangaroo's pouch (the toilet paper tube).  It looks great!

Little Miss also practiced writing her K's on our letter K practice sheet.  I often let her use large markers for this sort of practice because they are very easy for her to grasp. 

And last for this day's work, we cut out the pieces for the letter K "What Do You See?" puzzle.  This one is pleasantly easy for little people to figure out, and she put it together all on her own!  Yay for independence!

For all the activities seen on today's blog, (and many more) you can check out our letter K packet in our store:


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