Introducing Letter L

The Letter L Introductory Card in our Letter L packet has such a fun story.  I love it, but that may be because I have a fond memory (not drastic or traumatic) of a similar incident in my own childhood.

You see how Glimmercat's tongue is stuck to the lamppost?  Yep.  I did that as a kid.  Well, it wasn't a lamppost.  It was a metal fence-post.  And after a moment or two of terror as I realized my tongue was stuck, I was able to get it removed without taking the skin off the top.  Though I definitely wouldn't recommend having your children try this out on a cold morning because the end result isn't always so happy.

Anyway, the story goes that Glimmercat licks the lamppost.  And her tongue gets stuck to it.  And all she can say is "Llllll".  And this really "stuck" with Little Miss.

She has her tongue out here, and I think she is envisioning what it might be like to have your tongue stuck to something.

Today, I printed out the Matching Game first because it is such a great way to introduce most of the L words we will be covering in this week of L.  I like to go over them with Little Miss and make sure she is familiar with each one.

Often, on the day I introduce a letter, I won't do a craft, but Little Miss was eager to do more today, so I decided to have her do the Ladybug craft.  I printed out the black and white version so she could color it herself.

As you can see, she is still thinking about her tongue being stuck and practicing the L sound.

The craft page suggests that you use a plastic spoon for this craft, but I didn't have a plastic spoon.  Only a fork.  Ha.  Turns out, you can also use a fork.  Now we both know.

 We used regular Elmers to stick the ladybug to the back of the fork.  And, once it dried...

Little Miss could move it back and forth on the the leaf and make it look like her ladybug was walking around a little.  And took it with her to her room afterwards to play with it.  Yay!  Successful introduction to letter L.

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