L is for Leaves

Today, we introduced "L is for Leaves" by starting off painting in the tree trunk that we will be leafing out later in the day.

Giving children the opportunity to experiment with many different utensils for writing, painting, drawing...is so great for them.  Here, Little Miss is wielding a paintbrush to fill in her tree.

Then, we sat down (while the paint was drying) and read Steve Metzger's version of "Going on a Bear Hunt" together.  My kids really love this story and they don't miss the scary bear, either.  I think there's something lovely in the idea of these little children going out together to gather various leaves.  The most frightening thing they run into is a little skunk, and that instigates their run back home.  I love the multicultural images of the children, and I love the images of the leaves which can be easily deciphered as the trees they're described as belonging to.

And here is where we took our Scavenger Hunt activity page that accompanies this story.  And, since the weather was lovely for late February, we went on a little nature hunt ourselves to attempt to fill in all the squares.

We found some old brown leaves, a rock and a pine-cone.  But the spider web, the dandelion and the ant eluded us this time.  Even with Older Brother's help.

But that's okay.  Home we went, and (trying a different utensil this time), we filled in Little Mys' brown tree by adding green dots with a Q-tip.

For all of the activities seen here in this blog, check out our Letter of the Week packet for L:


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