L is for Lion

Most children have some idea of what a lion is.  But, after Little Miss had started our day off by painting in the black and white version of our Lion Craft...

...she asked if she could watch a Lion movie, and so after a quick search, I found this one, which we watched while the paint dried.

Then, I pulled out her Path of Motion Practice Sheet:

She zipped through this like the little pro she has become.  So we cut out the pieces of her painted lion and found some nice construction paper to glue it to.

Now, the craft sheet calls for spaghetti noodles (dry ones).  I swear, when I created these craft sheets I attempted to use materials that everyone would have easily on hand, but darned if I was all out of spaghetti noodles when I peeked in my cupboard!

Turns out yarn works too.  Anyway, we glued the pieces behind the head of the lion, and then we added more glue for his head.

And I wrote the word "Lion" just to connect the dots that the lion craft body is made from an "L".

We finished off with our Lion Dot to Dot page:

And that is everything that we did today.  If you'd like a fun story recommendation, I'd recommend Janet Stevens' recommendation of "Androcles and the Lion".  A classic story, of course, but the illustrations in this one are delightful.

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