Preparing to "Teach My Child To Read" via "100 Easy Lessons"

It's that time!  You've found your homeschooling reading curriculum because it was recommended to you by almost every other homeschooler you have run across.  It's all included in one beautiful "not-so-little" book with this huge title:  "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons".

You've even skimmed through the first few pages and you're just itching to try it all out, with your child sitting in your lap, reading through the sounds with you.

Here's the only catch:  You had hoped to include a few complimentary crafts for your beginning reader and maybe a few follow-ups along with Siegfried Engelmann's valuable reading instruction.  You are aware already that repetition for small ones is vital, and although much repetition is built into "Teach Your Child to Read", there is always room for more, especially when it can be an engaging activity outside of the book itself.

This is the whole reason I created supplementary printables myself.  I wanted crafts.  I wanted extra hands-on activities, and heck, I even wanted worksheets that showed my child how to write the letters as recommended at the end of each lesson, without having to create the letters myself by hand on a piece of writing paper.

So, here I am, with printable packets created, through Lesson 45, and my middle child is ready to begin reading.  In fact, she has already completed the first 5 lessons.  So, it is time for us to begin my first supplemental phonics packet:  After Five Phonics

 It's time to get prepared!  I printed out some of the color worksheets and then purchased some self-laminating sheets and dry erase markers. 

I followed the directions, covering both sides of the paper with the laminating sheets and we are ready for this! With a thrill, I realize these are now primed to last over and over, for fun repetition with all three of my kiddos! 

I try them out on my daughter (remember, she has completed the first five lessons of the book already).

Even though she knows her sounds, I realized as she worked on this first worksheet, that it was helping connect the dots between an image and a sound.

Also, she was learning new vocabulary since "Eagle" was a new word for her.  But these new pens were a fun tool, and she seemed to enjoy the activity.

The next day, she was ready for another.  And boy, was she enjoying her new printables.  Even her brother decided to get involved.

The dry erase marks wipe easily off with a paper towel after use and they write on smoothly.  Below, my son tried out the "What Do You See" Page by drawing a picture of himself picking a flower.

I'm looking forward to expanding my daughter's experiences with these fun worksheets and giving her another opportunity to practice her sounds with the flash cards seen below.

We are all set!!!  Stay tuned for more!


Nata said...

I love your addition to this book. We just passed 11 lessons and this pack is so helpful. Thank you!

Christina Morrison said...


You're welcome! Thank you for telling me so. I love hearing that the supplements are helpful. I know I need all the extras I can get my hands on, when I teach my little ones. Just so you know, I'm trying to finish up all the supplement packets before the end of summer: that's my goal. :)

Nata said...

Oh, that would be nice and helpful too. Because my son is going to preschool this Fall and I want him to know sounds and phonics before they will teach him letter names. He is going to be 4 in August.

Christina Morrison said...


Excellent! Way to get started early! That is *fabulous*. He will have such a head start. :)