Sam the Ram, Looking Slick!

It's been over a year now since ole "Sam the Ram" became "mad at me" and with that fierce little frown, a whole new line of supplemental activities for "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" was born!

To be honest, Sam needed a bit of sprucing up so that he could keep on delighting children.  Recently, our collection of FREE sample supplements got an upgraded cover:

It's been great to see the response with which our supplements have been received!

Due to customer demand, we had to package our entire set of activities for the first 50 lessons in a bundle for ease and the reviews on this have been fabulous!  Yay!

In fact, I had to get busy finishing off the next bundle, "After Fifty-Five through After One Hundred", because I have been hearing the requests for the rest of our supplements and they are now available in our store, too!  Yay! 

Most of you are familiar with the Reading Program, and I can promise you it has been easier to come up with engaging stories and entertaining activities with the broader range of sounds I have to work with, having once hit lesson 50.  In fact, I'd like to show you a few of these new stories...

Here is the Mini Book that comes with the After Seventy-Five Packet.  Look at that pink car!  There just isn't anything more fun than a horse named Molly, stealing a pink car and driving it into a tree.
 My graphics chi is definitely improving!

Another change we see as our supplementals progress through the lessons, is the ability to move on to more standard looking fonts in the stories.

Because the classic fonts are introduced at this time in the Reading Program, and they are introduced along with the entire alphabet of letters, I decided children should get the chance to use their deciphering and decoding skills as they match letters in a variety of fun fonts.

This offers excellent practice with old letters and new, and gives you great opportunity to share the names of the letters as you go.

The last change that we see in these latest supplemental packets, is the opportunity to observe words in both the font from the Reading Program and let kids match it with the exact word in a new font.

And the crafts included in these great little packets tie in perfectly with the stories from the program.

All in all, we've come a long way since Sam, but the overall reach and appeal has, if anything, increased.  We're super excited to bring Sam back and look forward to another great year as we finish up these reading supplements and bundle them all up for a final product.

We have now completed the 2ND bundle of these fabulous supplements.  We call this one, "After Fifty-Five" Through "After One Hundred" and it is available in our TpT store.

It is filled with the same activities you and your child have grown used to:  applicable crafts, additional stories for reading practice and comprehension checks, writing practice sheets that align with the program's lessons,

we also included pages that tie in the new font introduced, with the old font.

 We also give additional alphabet practice for those lessons that introduce letters and sounds which do not receive a whole lot of attention, like Q or X. 

There is a huge amount of relief to me in completing all these phonics packets, for the sake of those who were waiting on them!  But thanks for loving the packets.  And thanks for encouraging me to complete the rest.  Because of you, ol' Sam the Ram was a huge success!


Amanda said...

It's so exciting to see the revamp! Congratulations on the success of these activities. There are so many great things to do with great ways to learn to read. It's awesome that you are continuing to update these activities and making sure they are the best they can be!

LearningWithMrsKirk said...

Wow! These activities look so engaging for children learning to read. A horse driving a car! A mad ram! I bet kids can't wait to see what they get to read next!